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Thunder Mountain Line

Queen of Diamonds

Jump Creek Ramble

My Mountain Home

Blue Eyed Girl

Sagebrush Annie

Yellow Pine



Our Sweet Jennie

Obediah Jump

Bracken's Reel

Uncle Dick

Teri's Waltz

Class Five

View of the Snake River valley and the Owyhee Mountains near Givens Hot Springs.

This collection of fourteen original songs about life in the Snake River region of Idaho was written and performed by Gary Eller and Marv Quinton. Most of these songs are specific to Idaho and a few cover universal themes. To see liner notes and sample audio clips, click Snake River CD notes and clips. The songs were performed with the help of Bona Fide's musical friends. We thank them greatly! The players included:

Gary Eller (Bona Fide)- lead/harmony vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, banjo

Marv Quinton (Bona Fide)- lead/harmony vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, mandolin, bass

John Larson (Blue Dove) - harmonica

Dominique Tardif (Cool Waters) - harmony vocals, mandolin

Jerry Grusell (Cool Waters) - harmony vocals, rhythm guitar

Rue Frisbee (Buckhorn Mountain Boys) - fiddle


"Any fool can tell stories, but it takes an artist to weave local history into magical tales. Marv "Big Chance" Quinton and Gary "Slim Chance" Eller range widely across the Snake River country, from Thunder Mountain to the Owyhees, from railroads to farming and ranching and violence in the Idaho mines. Historically accurate and wondrously entertaining, they sing Idaho songs that preserve the fading tradition of the pioneer balladeer."
Todd Shallat, Director, Center for Idaho History and Politics, Boise State University

"Bona Fide has released their album, "Songs of the Snake River Country". Here is a collection of original songs and tunes that draw from the history and culture of the Snake River region of southern Idaho. As I listened to the words, I was reminded of creeks, rivers and canyons I've spent my life hiking and hunting, horseback riding into Diamond Basin, fishing off the old Guffey trestle, the smell of sagebrush and juniper. Gary Eller and Marv Quinton have done a fine job of story telling, blending tales to please the local Idaho natives with melodies that have a definite old-time, traditional feeling. "My Mountain Home" even made me picture an old cowboy movie, where the star rides along on a pony, singing songs of home. There are train songs, love songs, farmers and ranchers tales, a pickin' tune or two, and an ode to an Idaho legend, the mountain town of Yellow Pine.
As evidence of my opinion of this CD, I confess that it was handed to me to pass on for another to review. Once I started to listen to it, I decided to write the review and keep it for myself. Nice work, guys!"

Randy Helton, Idaho Bluegrass Association

"Bona Fide is a bona fide treasure....Both Gary and Marv are story-tellers, who use their music to tell the tale...Throughout the album Bona Fide and their friends show us what good bluegrass musicians can do when let loose in the studio...We think that the album would be a welcome addition to the library of any music lover or to any fan of Idaho history. In our corner of the Gem State, Bona Fide is a rare gem indeed."

Canyon County Historical Society


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