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Gary Eller sings and plays guitar, five-string banjo and bass. He was born and raised in West Virginia and lived in Ohio and Georgia prior to a thirty year career in nuclear science and engineering at Los Alamos National Laboratory in northern New Mexico. In 2004 he retired to Pickles Butte near Nampa, Idaho. These diverse experiences have strongly influenced his musical contributions to many musical groups including Atomic Grass, Crossroads and a number of duos and trios. Gary won the 2005 Horseshoe Bend, Idaho banjo contest with two original compositions, and placed second in the 2006 competition. Currently he performs swing music in the Frozen Dogs, bluegrass in Chicken Dinner Road and early Idaho songs as a member of the Idaho Humanities Council Speakers Bureau.

Gary can be heard on the following recordings which are currently available or are expected to be issued soon.

"Songs of the Snake River Country", Bona Fide and Friends (2006)

"Appalachian Sons", Gary Eller with Bona Fide and Friends (December 2006)

"Bona Fide - Live at the Old Idaho Pentitentiary", three-track mini-CD by Bona Fide and Friends included in the Spring/Summer 2007 edition of Owyhee Yesterdays, the official publication of the Idaho State Historical Society

"Ballads of the Owyhee Country", issued by the Owyhee County Hisorical Society in April 2007

Gary has become an authority on historically-based songs of Idaho. He collects, writes and performs many songs in this vein in performances and in the recordings mentioned above. In 2007, he had a grant from the Idaho Humanities Council to collect historically based songs of the Snake and Salmon River regions. For details on this project, click on Idaho Song Collecting.

CONTACT INFO: or 208-442-8844


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