Route of the Great Big Potato! (N. R. Streeter, H. Caldwell and Oliver George, ca. 1913). Sean Rogers performs this wonderfully blatant commercial for the Northern Pacific Railway (NPRR) Dining Car Department. Although "Idaho" is not explicitly mentioned in the song, there can be little doubt about the Idaho connection. Perhaps this song was performed in the NPRR dining cars as it traversed the section through the Coeur d'Alene region. The railway was completed through this region in 1883 and had an important role in the development of the mining and timber industries in northern Idaho. Copies of the music are in collections at the University of Colorado-Boulder and the Bonners County Historical Society in Sandpoint, Idaho. The sheet music states "Additional copies can be had on application to Superintend, St, Paul, Minn." Numerous NPRR dining care photos also are presented in the sheet music.




Sacajawea's Papoose Waltz (Carrie McKee, 1905). Sean Rogers performs this instrumental written for the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Seattle in the summer of 1905. It is one of numerous musical pieces - mostly instrumental - composed for this major event. Remarkably, these are the first songs presently known to have been written about any aspect of the transformational Lewis and Clark expedition of one hundred years prior. Sheet music for this song are in the University of Oregon's library collection.



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