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  I come from a musical family in Emmett, Idaho.  My father was an excellent guitar and fiddle player (Idaho state champion) and my sister was a Grand National champion in the junior division at the Weiser National Fiddle Contest. I started my musical career playing backup guitar for my father and sister.  Soon I got hooked on fiddle and played every chance I got.  I toured the northwest playing every fiddle contest I could for about ten years.  I won some I thought I should have lost, and lost some I thought I should have won. At the Weiser, I never placed out of the top five and won first place in the Northwest Regional contest.

I burned out on competing and turned to playing jam sessions behind the scenes.  I’ve played guitar and fiddle with several groups over the years – most notably Downwind, Too Far Gone and (most recently) Buckhorn Mountain Boys.  I am excited to be playing as one of the Frozen Dogs with our blend of music and bluegrass with Chicken Dinner Road.


Rue's Discography (CDs)

Buckhorn Mountain Boys:

- Live, Warts and All (2004)

- One More River (2005)

- Take the Backroad Home (2003)

Rue also appears on the CDs "Songs of the Snake River Country" (1906), "Early Songs of Southern Idaho and the Emigrant Trails" (2008), and "An Idaho Songbag" (2009). Recordings from the early 1970's by Rue and his father Dave also are in archives of the U.S. Library of Congress and Country Music Hall of Fame and recordings of the mid 1960s at the Weiser Old Time Fiddle Contest.


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