THE POET-PROSPECTOR, Clarence E. Eddy 1874-1936

The following three projects have been issued by the Idaho Songs Project , based on books of poems and songs published by the Poet-Prospector. Each project consists of an interpretive booklet with extensive background information and an audio CD of poems and songs.

The Pinnacle of Parnassus is a 102-page book published in 1902 that contains 56 poems and 4 songs. Poems were recited by Erv Johnson and songs were performed by Gary Eller and friends. Click on the following to hear audio samples:

The Old Deserted Claim (performed by Jenny Willison and Charley Burry)

Springtime in Idaho (recited by Erv Johnson)

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Ballads of Heaven and Hell

The Poet-Prospector published his book of seven poems Ballads of Heaven and Hell in 1922. Erv Johnson recited the poems. Custer County, Idaho was the Poet-Prospector's "Heaven" and Death Valley was his "Hell." He prospected and wrote extensively in both regions.

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Click on this link to hear a poem from this project:

Queen of the Purple Mist


The Burro's Bray

The Poet-Prospector published this book in 1923. This 47-page book contained 25 poems and 4 songs. The CD/booklet based on this book contains all four songs performed by Gary Eller and John Larsen and 4 poems recited by John Larsen. Click on these links to hear audio samples from this project.

The Burro's Bray

Battle of the Flu


$15 plus shipping and applicable tax.



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