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Idaho Old Time Fiddling

by Otis Howard

Dec. 17, 1887 -  Dec. 31, 1981

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Accompanied on guitar by

Dave Frisbee

Oct. 17, 1917 - Jan. 31, 2006

Recorded at Dave Frisbee’s home in Emmett Idaho on January 3, 1963.

This CD is based on 29 fiddle tunes played by Otis Howard, who came by covered wagon to Idaho from Colorado in 1899.  This unique collection is by far the most extensive collection of early Idaho old time fiddling we know about.  Otis is backed up by on rhythm guitar of Dave Frisbee of Emmett, who also was a champion fiddler.  The "pure Idaho" life history of these two interesting men is described by text and photos in the CD notes. Available for $12 plus $3 tax and shipping (where applicable from Slim Chance Music:

7490 Sky Ranch Road, Nampa, Idaho 83686                         208-442-8844


Fiddle tunes on this CD are as follows:

Stoney Point
 Century Hoedown*
 Cripple Creek
 Old Blue Mule*
 Grey Eagle Hornpipe
 Chickens in the Garden*
 Unnamed hornpipe 1*
Sally Gooden
Eight of January
Blue Mule
East Tennessee Blue
Unnamed hornpipe 2*
Unnamed hornpipe 3*
Boilin’ Down the Cabbage
Arkansas Traveler

Blue Valley Waltz
West of the Rockies Waltz*
Blue Mountain Waltz
Blind Girl Went to Heaven*
Unamed Waltz*
Red Bird Waltz
Old Time Waltz*
Mighty Pretty Waltz
Waltz and schottische
Otis Howard Schottische*
Unnamed schottische 1*
Unnamed schottische 2*
Unnamed schottische*
*Known or suspected Otis Howard


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