The Old Bull Pen (Mrs. Mary Cleopatra Robinson?  1899)  Lyrics for this song were found in the  University of Idaho Ph.D. thesis by Stanley Stewart Phipps (1983).  This rare labor protest song is about miners incarcerated in the make shift "Bull Pen" prison after the Wardner Concentrator for silver ore was dynamited by miners. Most likely this is the same song mentioned in the book Way Out in Idaho.   Elsewhere, there is a suggestion that it was written by Mrs. Mary Cleopatra Robinson, “the nearly blind poetess-laureate of the Couer d’Alenes.”  A melody has not been found, but a plausible air is the classic Irish protest song “Wearing of the Green”. The original of the image showing miners in the Bull Pen is in the Stockbridge Collection at the University of Idaho. The rendition here is by Gary Eller.



Lovisa's Waltz (Minnie Lovisa Erickson Parkins, ca. 1920?). Hand-written sheet music for this lovely instrumental are in the collection of the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society. The songwriter grew up in a musical family near Cragmont, Idaho. The piano rendition posted as the October 2010 Idaho Song of the Month is by her granddaughter, Shirley Clovis Nebergall.






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