Are You From Wallace, Idaho (J. C. Mulcahy, 1922)  Sheet music for this fun song about the friendliness of hard-rock northern Idaho mining town of Wallace states that it is a "A Typical, Topical March Song". The song was reprinted for the 75th Silver Jubilee Celebration in Wallace and is available in museums in Wallace. The recording made for the Jubilee is presented here. 



In Nineteen Hundred Ninety Nine (Clarence E. Eddy, 1910).  Verses under this title by the Poet-Prospector of Idaho and Nevada appeared in The Mackay Miner newspaper on October 20, 1910.  It is a playful look into the future by “the great prophetic muse,”  including humorous commentary on local and national politics.  A few months later the Poet-Prospector published letters to the editor in The Mackay Miner and the Challis Silver Messenger with humorous complaints about the song having been stolen and performed to wild acclaim in New York City.  Most likely the newspaper items were part of a practical joke on local readers, playing off Eddy’s visit earlier in the year to New York.  Johnny Thomsen of Idaho City gives the lively recitation on this track.

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