July 2010


Trip to Rapid River (Hannibal F. "Seven Devils" Johnson, 1892). This song appears as a poem in Johnson's book Poems of Idaho, with the following note: "There is scarcely a noted camp on the west coast but has its song; and in 1892, when its copper and gold discoveries were first made on Rapid River, it was thought that a great gold rush would immediately follow, as the song conveys. The isolation of this district has kept the camp back, but there is time yet for it to come out. The song gives a very graphic idea of a partyof western miners hastening in to a new discovery, and the experiences they undergo ." Gary Eller came up with a plausible melody and renders the song on vocals and guitar, with Scott Knickerbocker adding old-time banjo.





No instrumental posted for July 2010.


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