To Be a Buckaroo (songwriter and date unknown). Lyrics for this cowboy song from eastern Idaho were found in Thomas Cheney's masters thesis on Idaho folk songs (University of Idaho, 1936). The song also was reported in Jan Harold Brunvand's classic article "Folk Studies in Idaho" published in the journal Western Folklore (Vol. 24, pp. 231-48, October 1965). The song was given to Cheney by Cornelius Campbell of Swan Valley but no songwriter or date was indicated. It very likely predates the beginning of the radio era (1923). The rendition here (including the melody) is by Charley Simmons, a talented Boise musician with deep knowledge and experience with American roots music.


Lewiston Two Step (Sisters of the Visitation, 1902)The Sisters of the Visitation was an order of Catholic nuns who built an academy in Lewiston in 1897 where the Tri-Parish School now stands. The existence of sheet music for "The Lewiston Two Step" in the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society collection indicates that music was an important part of their instructional program. The sheet music has the notation "Opus 43", indicating the music program was extensive, but an effort to locate other music or information pertaining to the Sisters in Lewiston thus far has been unsuccessful. The rendition here is by noted southwest pianist Sean Rogers and banjo player Gary Eller. Since the last page of music was missing in the sheet music, Sean had to improve that portion of the music. This rendition appears on the CD/booklet High Tone Music of Idaho (2010).



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